Hidden Water Leaks in Tampa Bay

Jul 23

Hidden Water Leaks in Tampa Bay

Hidden water leaks in the Tampa Bay area are a source of stress and anxiety for many Tampa Bay area residents. It’s important to check your plumbing fixtures and appliances every year to avoid costly repairs down the road. In the pictures below, this Clearwater homeowner had a “low boy” water heater in their kitchen in the corner behind the cabinets and underneath a countertop. They didn’t even know where the water heater was located when they purchased the home. The Clearwater homeowners came home to find a great deal of water not only in their kitchen, but throughout most of the home. The water heater was old and had given way causing a massive water leak. Not only will they have to deal with the water cleanup, but they will also have a high water bill. The homeowners had absolutely no idea where on earth the amount of water they found in their home had come from. Hidden water leaks can be very frustrating, especially in times of an emergency. Be sure you know how to turn the water off to your home in case you have an accident involving a hidden water leak, bathtub or washing machine overflow. Hidden water leaks that cause water damage can lead to costly repairs and nasty black mold issues if they are left untreated.

cabinet-water-leak hidden-water-leak

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