Leaking Refrigerator Causes Water Damage

Oct 25

Leaking Refrigerator Causes Water Damage

Has your refrigerator leaked and caused water damage to your kitchen cabinets? We have performed several jobs where water has shown up in the middle of a kitchen or in adjacent rooms to the kitchen where the source of the water couldn’t be located by Tampa Bay area residents. We’ve even had water show up in the middle of a carpeted hallway to find the culprit to this mysterious water leak come from a refrigerator supply line. Most refrigerators have ice makers and water dispensers built into them. If the water lines that supply these refrigerators aren’t made of high grade material they will develop small pinholes and leak over time. One way to check your supply line to tell what grade it is, is to simply pull out your refrigerator and look at the color of the supply line. If the line is clear and not white or gray, it should be replaced with a higher quality water line. If you have experienced water damage to your home or kitchen by a leaking water supply line, give us a call. We can dry the area effectively and if we are called soon enough, can even help to salvage kitchen cabinets and wood flooring. The images below were taken after a water supply line to a refrigerator leaked for only 5-6 hours. In the infrared image you can really see how much water damage has occurred in a short period of time! What do I do if I have a flooded house? Simple, give us a call! We are available to help you 24 hours per day and 7 days per week.

water damage refrigerator line

Water Damage caused by a refrigerator supply line

water damage refrigerator supply line

Infrared image of water damage caused by a refrigerator supply line


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